Tattoo Removal. Tattoo Lightening


Getting a tattoo is usually a major life decision. It is a part of you forever. A story to tell. An expression of who you are or where you were. Many people keep them to tell their stories. Some want to erase the memories forever.

Getting rid of a tattoo can be an even bigger decision and a long process. It's not a quick fix. But, with the Pico-it will be quicker. So, what are your options?

Keep it. Lighten it. Cover it. Remove it.

Are you considering a cover-up?  Most tattoo artist would prefer you consider tattoo lightening or removing a portion of your tattoo before a full cover up. Why? First off, if the tattoo you want to cover up is more than 40% black or is outlined in black, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to lighten with just light colored ink. Cover ups are not simple. Your artists can do them, but they would prefer a few sessions of tattoo lightening to make you happier with your new ink and make their jobs easier. It's a win, win for all! 


Reasons to lighten vs. getting a cover up:

  • The new tattoo design must be at least a few times the size of the old tattoo.
  • The new tattoo will need to use plenty of ink with black shading, especially if the old tattoo is really dark.
  • The new tattoo design must be a solid design with plenty of coverage.
  • You won’t be capable of having negative (blank) spaces within the tattoo, so typical tribal designs will not work.
  • You will most likely be happier as well as your tattooist!

Pricing? Each person and tattoo is unique. Please call to schedule your complimentry consultation. Generally, pricing starts at $150/session. A tattoo the size of a business card would be $350/session. Pricing is based on size & difficulty. Discounts available for those trying to enter or advance in the military, as well as multiple tattoos treated at once. 

We strive to work with the BEST tattoo artists in the area to make your cover-up or new art better for all. 

Keith Duggans Ink Dynasty-805.295.6419 (Pismo)
Traditional Tattoo- 805.784.0822 (SLO)
Cherry Blossom Tattoo- 805.461.8287 (Atascadero)
Apothecary Tattoo- 805.786.4622 (SLO)
San Luis Tattoo Company- 805.704.9772 (SLO)
Upper Room Tattoo Company-805.614.7573 (Santa Maria)
Reliance Tattoos- 805.929.8999 (Nipomo)
Sink or Swim Tattoo-805.481.9400 (Grover Beach)


San Luis Obispo is a wonderful town! We are happy to be a family oriented business and provide skin care, facials, botox, laser skin rejuvenation, deep skin resurfacing, microneedling, prp, laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal to the central coast.