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Hair Removal Specialist

Open Canvas Laser

Aesthetic Medicine located in San Luis Obispo, CA

Because waxing, shaving, and plucking each day take up time you just don’t have to spare, it’s probably best to consider laser hair removal. At Open Canvas Laser, you can meet with Wilton McLeod, DO, Emerald McLeod, FNP and the team of certified aesthetic specialists to start your path to smoother skin. Book your laser hair removal evaluation at this San Luis Obispo, California, clinic by clicking on the online scheduler today. You can also call the clinic directly.

Hair Removal Q & A



How does laser hair removal work?

Each hair on your body is at a different point in its growth cycle. Some hairs are actively growing (the anagen phase), while others may be resting or getting ready to shed. Laser hair removal generally targets hairs that are in the anagen phase.

With each pulse of light, the laser energy travels down the hair shaft and reaches the follicle deep below the surface of your skin. As the follicle heats up, the energy disrupts the growth process, and the hair is destroyed.

Over time, destroyed hair sheds on its own. Even though hair is going to continue growing back (initially), it comes back finer and lighter with each new growth cycle. Eventually, most treated hair stops growing back all together.*

When will I have results with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal takes time and dedication to regular treatment sessions. Treated hair typically starts to fall out within 2-3 weeks. For optimal results and dramatic hair reduction, you may need up to 6-8 sessions, each spaced roughly 4-8 weeks apart.

More stubborn hair may require additional treatments. Plus, if you have new hair growth, which commonly occurs because of hormonal fluctuations women experience during pregnancy, you can always come back to Open Canvas Laser for touch-up visits.



Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

Open Canvas Laser proudly offers hair removal sessions with the most advanced medical laser systems on the market: Forever Bare BBL™, Vectus by Cynosure and ClearScan YAG, both by Sciton®. Having lighter skin and coarse, darker hair make an optimal combination for effective laser hair removal. But the laser hair removal treatments at Open Canvas Laser can also work if you have:

  • Lighter hair
  • Darker skin
  • Fine hair texture

During your laser hair removal consultation, the team can let you know if you’re a candidate for these revolutionary skin-smoothing treatments.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal is very well-tolerated. Most men and women who come to Open Canvas Laser explain that treatments feel like tiny rubber bands flicking at their skin. While not painful, this sensation can be a little uncomfortable in sensitive areas, such as your upper lip.

To minimize discomfort and help you relax during your laser hair removal session at Open Canvas Laser, your dedicated aesthetic specialist may suggest applying a topical numbing cream or ice pack before your session.

Find out if laser hair removal is right for you by booking a consultation at Open Canvas Laser today. Schedule online or over the phone.

*Individual results may vary.

* Laser hair removal works best on light skin and dark hair. If skin type is above Type IV, or you are very tan, there is a potential for it to be unsafe. Laser hair removal does not work on blonde or red hair.